Sergio Marquina, better known as The Professor, is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actor Álvaro Morte.

He was the mastermind responsible for organizing the Royal Mint of Spain robbery and later oversaw the robbery of the Bank of Spain, which had been planned by Berlin. A cunning architect, he was able to control the entirety of the heist from behind the scenes, playing with the police and constantly tricking them into doing exactly what he wanted them to do.

Under the false identity of Salvador “Salva Martín, he was able to get closer to the lead inspector assigned to the Royal Mint robbery, Raquel Murillo, and the pair eventually fell in love. Raquel then joins the gang by the name “Lisbon”. The first heist in Royal Mint of Spain was actually his father’s plan, who was also a robber. He got shot by the police during one of his heist. The second heist in Bank of Spain was his brother’s plan(Berlin).


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