Money Heist, the trending show of Netflix. Arriving shortly on Netflix for the fourth season. The latest trailer released on the fifth March raises a lot of questions. Well, since the next season is only 25 days away, updates on the season are coming like the plague. You can find it on all the platforms. We saw the latest trailer of season 4 on youtube on the fifth of March, and it draws a bloody picture of the gang. Things do not seem right for our favorite robbers.

When Will We Get The Fourth Season of Money Heist?

All those who are waiting for the fourth season, your wait just ended. April 3rd is the release date for the fourth season. The Chaos shall begin on April 3rd. Moreover, all the episodes of the fourth season or should I say the fourth part shall be released together on 3rd April. So all the binge-watchers get ready with your streaming devices and clear your schedule for Money Heist season 4.

Money Heist Season 4 latest Trailer Breakdown.

Netflix recently released the trailer for the fourth season of Money Heist. The new trailer clears several doubts indeed, but it also poses further doubts. We have now been confirming that Lisbon is very much alive and is being offered a chance to gain freedom on the cost of betraying her crew. Next confirmation is about Nairobi, she is also active at least till now, not sure if she will make it through the season.

The new doubts that arise after the trailer are; why is the Professor running? What is the thing that the Professor is planning on other than the Heist? Will Lisbon betray her crew and the Professor for her freedom? The most important question, will the team be able to escape alive from the bank? All of these questions will be answered once we watch the next season.