Brain tumor: Time bomb in the head

Brain tumor: Time bomb in the head

Early diagnosis & treatment diffuses it

Hyderabad: Do you know if anyone has these symptoms? Headache that does not yield to conventional treatment. Numbness in the legs and arms, tingling, loss of concentration, memory problems, mood swings, loss of balance, nausea and vomiting, hearing and vision problems. Brain tumors are more likely to grow if they have more of these symptoms. Brain tumors are one of the most common health problems that can develop slowly and suddenly. Today (June 8) is World Brain Tumor Day. The nations of the world are doing this to raise awareness among the general public about the serious conditions caused by tumors in the brain.

“Research is still being done on why tumors form in the brain. Medical researchers have identified some of the possible causes. Of those who received radiation therapy to the head in childhood, the vast majority who work in high-radiation areas later develop brain tumors. The disease appears to be hereditary in some families” said Dr. S Ramesh, Senior Neurosurgeon, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Usually the cells in our body grow and die. New cells replace the ones that originated. But tumor cells grow in the brain. There are two types of brain tumors, benign primary tumors and malignant primary tumors. Benign primary tumors Tumors are not carcinogenic. These do not spread to tissues in other parts of the brain. Malignant primary tumors are cancerous tumors. These grow rapidly and spread to surrounding tissues in the brain.

 The treatment of brain tumors has developed a lot in recent years. Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are now available at an unprecedented level. It has become popular to use more than one method in most cases for better results and faster relief.

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